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Indian Heritage Program

Programme Aim

Sharda University offers a 2-week Indian Heritage and Cultural Experience Programme for international students who wish to visit India and experience Indian life and culture. The aim of the programme is to give students a taste of traditional Indian arts and culture and make them experience the country like a local. The programme will impart working knowledge of Indian culture through Yoga, Meditation, cultural workshops and visits to historical and spiritual places of interest in India.

Why India?

Have you been dreaming about a country that can take your breath away? Then, India is your answer! More a continent than a country, India will activate your spiritual senses and offer you a mind-blowing experience you will never forget!

India, the world’s largest democracy is the cultural, commercial, and financial hub of South Asia. With a population of over 1.2 billion, it is the fourth largest economy in the world. Whatever you are looking for, India can give it to you; hiking in the world’s highest and most picturesque mountains, the Himalayas; riding camels in Thar, the Great Indian Desert; safari in the deep jungle where the tigers roam and rhinos run wild; sunbathing in tropical beaches. The Indus Valley Civilization with a recorded past of five thousand years will thrill you! Some of the oldest religions on the globe were born here – Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism. Equally enthralling monuments – forts, palaces, temples, memorials – line its historic face. Dances from the past survive as living arts even today. Traditional music blows your mind. There is vibrancy to the culture, both ancient and modern. Modern India can fascinate you also with its 21st century metropolises, 5 star hotels, air-conditioned surface transport, hi-speed trains, networks of domestic airlines, and modern shopping malls. And of course don’t forget the food, Indian (OMG! the variety!) and international. India is a country that many people wish to see and those who have seen it wish to return again and again.

Why Sharda University?

Established as a private university in the state of Uttar Pradesh and approved by University Grants Commission of India (UGC), Sharda University is the only multi-disciplinary campus in the north of India sprawling over 63 acres with an impressive infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities. With 9000 students – out of which 1500 international students from 56 countries globally – in Engineering and Technology, Business Studies, Law, Medical Sciences, Dental Sciences, Paramedical, Nursing, Architecture and Planning, Design and Fine Arts, Journalism and Media Studies, Basic Sciences, Education, and Languages and Culture, Sharda University is a truly stimulating academic and cultural environment for international students wishing to experience India.

Programme Content
• 30 hours of Yoga, Meditation, Indian history, sociology, and culture workshops
• 1 day cultural trip in Agra (Taj Mahal, Red Fort)
• 1 week stay in Sharda University campus in Delhi NCR, and visits to Yoga Ashram in Delhi, Akshardham Temple, India Gate, and Hauz Khas Village, and Garden of Five Senses
• 1 week cultural trip to Rishikesh for outdoor activities and sports, visits to important cultural and historical places of interest, and yoga workshops and meditation.
• 1 week Accommodation in double AC room in Sharda University campus + 3 meals daily and 1 week accommodation + breakfast in selected hotel in Rishikesh

*The programme can also be planned in any period during the year, provided a minimum batch of 10 students have been enrolled.

Programme Fees
The fee for the Indian Cultural Experience 2-week Programme is USD 1,500 per person (it includes Course fees, Accommodation + meals fee while in campus, hotel accommodation and breakfast costs for the 1 week outside campus, domestic bus transport, airport pick-up and drop)

Certificate of Completion
The participants receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the programme
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