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Wehostel, at Sharda University, take special care of all necessary requirements in hostel for the development and growth of a student. We ensure that the child gets the homely feeling, with the best amenities and the desire to study hard more in a friendly atmosphere. Hygienic environment maintains good health of our students and results in their overall physical development.

Students, who come from all over India, get exposed to different religions and customs therefore a complete finishing school in itself is the core feature of our hostel. We pamper students by providing amenities and groom them to manage their routine independently.

hostelTuning students to the real aspect of life, however letting them enjoy the comforts of reading newspapers and books, providing them nutritious food, safe drinking water, round the clock water supply including water heating systems, etc. gives them a feeling of being at home. All the above amenities when provided to your child gives him/her the special nourishment to concentrate in his/her career growth.

Efficiency of students increases when they get good company and friends. Students usually have a habit of studying together, our spacious rooms provides them a comfortable setup to study. We have excellent acoustics in the hostel rooms which are designed in such a way as to avoid any noise disturbance of the honking and moving vehicles on the road.

Lessening the burden of daily washing of clothes and vessels, we have in house servants who take care of washing, ironing and dusting of the rooms regularly. We want our students to manage a home away from home and discipline themselves even in the absence of their parents. Liberal in all means, but strict in the areas of maintaining hygiene, manners and discipline is the core feature at Sharda University’s Hostel.

We provide

  • Nutritious Food
  • Pure Drinking Water (Through Aquaguard and water cooler)
  • Attached bathroom
  • 24 hour Security
  • Doctor on Call
  • Telephone
  • Medical Insurance

Accommodation fees

 Hostel Fee (Attached Toilets)
AC Double Seater with Non Veg Food USD 3600  Annually
AC Double Seater with Veg Food USD 3000  Annually
Non AC Double Seater with Veg Food USD 2100  Annually
Non AC Double Seater with Non Veg Food USD 2700  Annually

 Hostel Fee (Without Attached Toilets )
AC Double Seater with Non Veg Food USD 3500  Annually
AC Double Seater with Veg Food USD 2900  Annually
Non AC Double Seater with Veg Food USD 2000  Annually
Non AC Double Seater with Non Veg Food USD 2600  Annually

 Hostel Fee ( Single Seater Rooms with Attached Toilets )
AC Single  Seater with Non Veg Food in apartments USD 4600  Annually
AC Single  Seater with Balcony and Non Veg Food USD 4350  Annually
AC Single  Seater with Non Veg Food USD 4100  Annually
Non AC Single Seater with Balcony and Non Veg Food USD 3350 Annually
Non AC Single Seater with Non Veg Food USD 3250  Annually

Note 1- A secuirty of USD 200 ( Refundable ) will be charged from the students seeking hostel accommodation for the first time in Non AC Category. In Air conditioned category the security Fee will be USD 300 ( Rufndable )

Note 2- All students who are staying in the University Hostel, with in the Campus or outside, will have to take food in the mess facility (Veg. or Non Veg.) provided by the University. No refund application will be entertained once a student occupies a room in the hostel.

For Scholarship & more information regarding the courses/fees please contact at


01. The rooms will be allotted on first-come-first-serve basis after the payment of hostel fee as notified.

02. The last date for payment of hostel fee shalll be as notified.

03. Subject to availability of seats, the hostel rooms may be allotted after the last date, on payment of late fee @ 2% per month.

04. Complimentary Laundary service, 5.0 kg x 20 washes, shall be provided to all the hostel residents.

05. The students allotted non-air-conditioned rooms may install Room-coolers:

  • Payment of Electricity charges @ USD 100  (one hundred) per student.
  • Room-cooler should be as per specifications given by IHA department.

06. A refrigerator (maximum capacity 80 Liters) may be allowed on payment of electircity charges @ USD 100  per term/semester


For M.Tech courses : Teaching/ Research Assistantship will be available upto Rs. 8,000/pm (The Assistantship will be discontinued if students fail to score less than the specified grade point average).

  • Rs. 5,000/- to be Paid as Examination Fee annually
  • Rs. 2,000/- to be Paid as Registration Fee annually

Hostel FAQs

01. What about Hostel Facility?

We have separate hostels for boys and girls both inside and outside the campus.

02. Are Hostels outside the campus safe?
Yes! Outside campus hostels are totally secured with full fledge security. Hostels are also equipped with CCTV cameras.

03. Are Hostels outside the campus is at walking distance from the campus? If not, is there any transportation facility available?
Outside campus hostels are around 5 kms away from the campus. There is no additional charge for transportation.

04. What are the basic amenities that are provided in the hostel?
The University provides study table, chair, bed, almirah in the hostel room.

05. Is non-vegetarian food served in the hostel mess?
We don’t provide non-vegetarian food in the hostel mess, but we have food court in our campus, where you can have non-vegetarian food.

06. Is Electricity backup available in hostels?
Yes, we have 24 hours electricity backup facility.

07. Are visitors allowed in the hostel and what are the timings?
Visitors are not allowed in the hostel, but with permission of hostel warden they can meet you only at the visitor’s area of the hostel after classes between 5 pm to 7 pm.

08. Are medical facilities available in the campus? If yes, what are the charges?
We have our own hospital inside the campus, where you can get treatment by paying nominal fees.